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Asexuality in Popular Sports 05-29-09


I’m actually going to write about sports. I’ve never been heavy into sports, and for the most point found them a tremendous waste of time. I’ve recently became a fan of a sport that is perfect for asexuality, and that sport is American as apple pie. I’m talking about baseball.

I have a pretty good reason to be a baseball fan being from the city of brotherly love, Philadelphia. Home of the current World Series Champions! Believe it or not I did not watch the Jimmy Rollins and the Phillies in the World Series, nor did I party in the streets after they won the series. I wasn’t even at the parade. The Phillies victorious season was long overdue, but this epic win did not turn me on to the sport of baseball. I didn’t become a fan until this year.

So what would cause someone to become a fan of a sport if the hometeam taking the big one will not. The way I see it the Phillies could be champions time and time again but some events can undeniably happen only once in history. I’m talking about Harry the K! Harry Kalas, the voice of the Phillies for my entire lifetime and then some only dies once. Harry was bigger than the team, bigger than baseball really, and died suddenly in the doing what he loved.I made sure to buy tickets to the tribute game as soon as his passing was announced and I’ve been a fan ever since.

Now what does baseball have to do with asexuality? The answer is not very much. I simply feel that asexuals would enjoy baseball over other major sports like football, hockey and basketball. Football is a sport that attracts fans that tend to be extremely overzealous about their particular team. Fans going to NFL games are not received warmly if they sport the opposing team’s jersey, at least not here in Philly where these rogues have been intimidated by the hometown’s fans. Sometimes the jersey is physically removed from the offender by rabid diehards. Football is sexual aggression.

Hockey isn’t much different than football when it comes to the fervor of the fans, however there is the added bonus of frequent fist fights. This is both on the ice as well as in the stands. Basketball? Forget about it!

I know I’m not mentioning soccer, which I respect as the world’s leading sport, but it is not very big in the USA. I know I have readers from Europe and other places across the world and I just felt the need to explain why I didn’t consider soccer. It’s popularity is growing here but it’s not yet a major sport.

Baseball on the other hand is USA’s national pastime, or at least is officially. Football is probably a better sport to represent my country’s current population. Unlike football, baseball fans are tolerant of fans coming to cheer on the visiting team. There may even be some good-natured trash talk going back and forth.

There are many asexuals who are into video games, particularly RPG’s. Baseball, unlike any other sport I know other than rounders, shares a similar gameplay to titles like Final Fantasy and Ultima. In these games members of the party are sent out into battle one by one, each with different attributes. In baseball batters are sent out one by one as well, each player also with different attributes. In both RPGs and baseball, strategy is important in the order that players will take in the “lineup”.

Those are my thoughts on baseball as the perfect sport for asexuality. Thanks for being here!