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Lady Gaga 05-30-09


I need to warn anyone reading this, because I’m about to relay my thoughts on the pop sensation Lady Gaga, the artist responsible for the high energy Just Dance and the cryptic Poker Face. I’m going to help the little guy out right now and try to help stimulate the magazine industry, because the people that work there are losing their livelihood to hack bloggers like myself and others. You can now catch Gaga gracing the cover and within the pages of the current issue of Rolling Stone(Brian Hiatt, issue1080 for posterity).

I honestly didn’t like Gaga too much in the past, as she would always be responsible for eye-roll worthy statements such as the time she mentioned having unprotected sex with her songs. Of course, I understand that quotes like that are targeted at a certain audience, but I don’t take that kind of marketing seriously. I’ve now found myself able to get over this side of Lady Gaga, as I can see past that and understand Gaga better. I see the beautiful person underneath that façade.

Apparently Gaga was proclaimed the new princess of pop by Perez Hilton, and Madonna along with Cyndi Lauper were in attendance during her“coronation”. Gaga appears to take a risky route and challenge gender constructs. I’m aware the music industry is oversaturated with that, but it’s just not suitable for the “Princess of Pop”. Or is it?

“I like boys that look like girls” she said. Again the music industry is over-saturated with this, so this leaves Gaga with quite a pool of eligible boys to choose from. Reports also indicate that the pop princess does not mind her own look being considered androgynous. She was able to laugh off a remark about having the body of a Barbie and the face of a Ken in a parody of Poker Face or instead “Butter Face”. The icing on the cake is that she’d rather look interesting than pretty. She certainly pulls off interesting with her experimental fashion taste. Some real unique threads going on there.

Well Lady Gaga, you’ve sure proved me wrong this time! Let’s hope this all pays off for you diva!