Asexual Love

Orientation to My Blog 05-28-09


A bit about myself….I feel it’s necessary to be a revolutionary in everything I do, so be ready for that. Many of my views are based upon religion being reconciled with science, and I’m quite critical of both. My mind is always open, which does nothing but strengthen my beliefs as they are tested like gold against fire. I am not a judgmental person, as I am not to endure the burden of judging my fellow man. I request, though I would never demand, that y’all don’t get snippy when I don’t agree with you 638598% or even just 100%. Get snippy if you want, it’s just a figure of speech really. There’s room for snippiness. There’s room for everything.

So on to the orientation, which begins ironically with the dissection of a word called orientation. The etymology simply means “The East”, which is why I suppose the Old World would refer to anything east of it to be known as “The Orient” or “The Land of the Rising Sun”.

Later in history, the word came to mean to facing east and goes a little later to have certain bearings pertaining to oneself. Of all the definitions, the one that makes the most sense in this instance is to familiarize with new surroundings, which is what I’ll be doing in this initial message. And the surroundings are not new at all, it’s the perception that we experience that is unfamiliar.

I identify as asexual. I am asked is it a choice? It’s deeper than that. Would it really matter either way?

To ask if it is a choice, I would compare to personal taste in music or food. Sure I have a preference, some edibles are more delicious than others, some music I just feel more, however I feel that the mind can be trained in these cases. It is a choice in that respect, albeit an indirect one.

What about this question in regards to spirituality? That is a feeling and conviction that cannot be chosen, at least in my own personal spirituality. I couldn’t go shopping online and choose a new set of beliefs. I could introduce myself to opposing beliefs to challenge my current notion of reality, in fact I have already been doing that for some time already. Gold and fire!

So what’s my description of asexuality? It has to do with lack of sexual attraction, asexuals do not experience it. Many will not understand asexuality, to this patience is a virtue. There will be misconceptions about asexuals. There is an impressive community on the world-wide-web, and real world communities are beginning to form as well. What an exciting time to be an asexual!

Not much is known about asexuality, but one thing that is known is that at least 1% of the population identify as asexual, that’s at least 68 million people worldwide. It’s a much ignored demographic, but that landscape is rapidly changing. There continues to be growing media interest on the subject, and it is important for it to become observable on greater platforms. The asexual population exists everywhere, it simply need to be united. Getting the ball rolling has been the hardest park, and now that there’s momentum the opportunity to capitalize has arrived. This isn’t a one-person event. The efforts of many driven on unity is a force that cannot be stopped without great reinforcements. Humans are the greatest resource, and individual skills vary from person to person, so everyone has unique tools to empower themselves and others. For now, I bid farewell, with promise to return with more of my thoughts and musings. I want to take the time to thank everybody for reading this message. It means a lot.