In conversations with other ace, it is realized that there are certain fascinations that we have that the rest of the world does not. One of the fascinations that I’ve noticed is that of writing utensils, and it’s one I can very easily relate to. When I find myself having to use a pen that I am not in love with, I feel that I am somehow missing out of the quiddity of the writing experience. In fact I’ve been known to carry around many pens because I never know which one I’ll be in the mood to use. Ballpoint, roller-gel and even fountain pens are all within my arsenal of ink-pens

I wish I could introduce you to my entire tribe of pens, but it would be too exhausting for both myself and anyone who had to read it so I’m not going to be taking that route. Instead I’m choosing to put one single pen in the spotlight, and that beauty is known as the Plumix. Manufactured by Pilot this fountain pen appears to be marketed towards college students. Most fountain pens are not designed to appeal the youthful, and I had to snatch a few of these right up.

Loading the ink cartridges is more fun than should be allowed, and I cannot wait until the next refill. It features a screw on cap, which protects it from falling off and being lost forever.plumix The sleek, ergonomic design and transparent body make for an absolutely stunning writing utensil. It doesn’t take very long to get used to writing with the Plumix, and it’s every pen-stroke is satisfying beyond imagination.

The bad news is this pen has been discontinued by Pilot, so if anyone is blessed with the opportunity to procure this marvel of the ages realize that it may your last.