Asexual Love

Asexual Prowess


On an interesting happening, a certain advice columnist and wannabe podcast host who has recently spoke quite ignorantly about asexuals has had his  weekly column left out of my city’s weekly newspaper. Perhaps it was an oversight or maybe it didn’t make deadline, however I’d like to believe that it was intentionally left out due to polite complaints by asexuals and supporters  Time will tell!

In other good news, I was finally able to transfer and continue my career within walking distance of my residence. Goodbye commute! I am going to miss the people I’ve worked with and served for years and will especially be missing a flirtationship I have been having throughout this period. A flirtationship is a rapport with someone that is not a relationship, but does involve consistent flirting over a period of time. Those involved in a flirtationship may or may not want to take it further. It’s not a bad arrangement for an asexual. Many times, flirtationships end when they become relationships. Other times, one or all parties become disinterested and it comes to a halt that way. In this particular case neither of these is the case. It’s all circumstantial. I am not interested in taking it to another level. All good things must come to an end. I don’t actually believe this but it is certainly a good thing that is coming to an end

Reflecting on this experience, I can certainly say that I had an advantage in that sexual tension was on my side, as it usually is in these situations. Still, being cautious was key as there is a line that doesn’t need to be crossed. It’s never a good idea to “heat up” a sexual person unless one plans to make some serious compromises! I’ve made sure to not get too heavy and use all eye contact, facials, and body language in that level of the flirtation. The verbal end of it on my part was playful teasing, about mundane details about personality, clothing, habits, hairstyle, and similar material.

So how does a person behave when a flirtationship ends abruptly like the one in question is about to do. Should I just go about my business as usual and leave unceremoniously? An emotional goodbye that is the antithesis of the casual nature of our time together? Do I call out sick the final week to avoid the situation altogether? Decisions, Decisions, oh what a ponder!

All I can do is use the one thing that will never fail me. Asexual Prowess. I’ve discovered that I have sharp asexual prowess that I can use to solve problems like this. By going with what feels natural, my asexual prowess kicks itself into motion. Through asexual prowess my mind will be in the clear and I will maintain a calm outlook to aid in the all important decision-making process.