One of the things about Asexuality that some outsiders cannot grasp is why such a point is being made out of identifying as A. After all, we are making a big deal about something not happening. If we do not feel sexual attraction, then why would there be the need to draw attention to that aspect of our lives? This is this is a fair question. I’ve heard the analogy all over the place that people who don’t follow football don’t organize and identify as Afootballers. While no such group exists, if it were to ever happen afootballers would totally have the right to organize and make themselves recognized, but I digress.

There are actually many asexuals, who also do not understand why other ace would amplify something that they lack. These individuals are perfectly content without being part of a visibility movement. There is no need to be understood. No desire to classify their nonsexual natures as a sexuality in itself. I see no problem with this, and I have my reasons for behaving otherwise, as do those who are organizing the community, Many find it annoying to hear someone identifying themselves as yet another label they now have to refer to us as asexuals in order to appease political correctness. Then there are others who find it downright pretentious as if it were some new-age religion. I never thought that there wouldn’t be misconceptions about Asexuality, and they will continue for sometime. This is a gradual process and it’s going very well, and I would hypothesize that Asexuality is the fasting growing sexuality in the world.

Truth is there are a number of very valid motives for why we would want to make it known who we are. These may not be reasons the aforementioned outsiders will entirely accept, but they are certainly driving forces in why asexuals organize. So here are seven that come to mind.

1-Recognition- by organizing, asexuals are using the tactic of numbers. There is indeed power in numbers. By showing the that there are a significant number of us. This does create visibility and through that recognition, which is important for most. Being recognized as a group brings credibility to an aspect of an individuality.

2-Education- With Asexuality being as misunderstood as it is to so many, great efforts have been made to get information to the proper outlets to make the public aware of what our sexuality actually is. As stated earlier this is something that massive success has been reached in, but it’s only through continued and consistent efforts will the desired scope of visibility be attained. Patience and persistence is the key.

3-Science- While education is a major goal for the asexual movement, there is much we cannot educate about because it is not yet known. There are various theories about Asexuality and many of them have merit, but untested that can only be regarded as speculation. Qualified professionals using the scientific method can determine definite answers to a good number of the unanswered questions. Let’s hope there is a rise in the number of studies being done, because there aren’t many in the books at this time.

4- Support- being able to relate to others about an issue that otherwise was dealt with alone is experienced freedom. Having others to share the heartbreak and triumphs of being ace is therapeutic and can change us for the better. The community is definitely a blessing for the support system in place and a very warm and welcoming group at that. It’s an easy place to make friends and makes one happy to be an asexual. Support for asexuals is only one benefit, organization will give friends, family and partners of asexuals an outlet to understand and learn about those that they love.

5-Political- at an estimated 1% of the population, but probably significantly higher, you wouldn’t think that asexuals could attain much political sway, but organizing politically is actually a smart idea. First, it’s visibility. Second it’s a message that asexuals vote. Since much of the population doesn’t vote, this brings our political presence to a higher level and we occupy say five percent of the vote. Five percent of a vote is enough to get a 3rd party respectability, media attention and even a spot in some debates. That five percent can easily double, triple more if we not only vote, but also tap into our personal contacts and use our sphere of influence to capture more clout. Being politically active asexuals can be a powerful tool.

6 -Partners- Romantic asexuals often desire to be in relationships with other asexuals. The network that has formed is making it easier to find eligible ace to date. Without organizing, it would be nearly impossible to find others who are A. Even with the community that currently exists, it’ extremely challenging to find a compatible mate. Further community organizing will make this easier and easier.

7 – Reaching Others- The majority of those who would probably identify as asexuals do not even know about the community, and they would be much happier if they did. If there are 7 billion people on the planet then that would mean there are 70 million asexuals on Earth. So many have yet to discover asexuality, and that is the frontier of expansion. Our “manifest destiny”! Finding a community one can relate to is a turning point in many of our lives and by reaching out to others we are helping others progress into their true selves. There has been a great deal of organization on the internets, and to a lesser extent, the real world. The word is spreading rapidly and the entire scene will experience a surge.

There are of course more reasons to organize, but these seven are the ones I am able to come up with now. If anyone can think of more let me know and perhaps I’ll write a sequel in the future.