They say that ours is an oversexualized culture, but I wouldn’t know what to compare it to. At every turn sexuality is being flaunted, both in reality and everywhere else. Billboards, magazines, television, film, and all forms of new media seem to feel the need to include something either blatantly or cryptically pertaining to sex. I’m positive sex is a good thing, and this is definitely too much of a good thing. I feel that much of a person’s sexuality, asexual or otherwise, has been programmed by a person’s environment, external stimuli.

The above clip is from the movie They Live and the role of the main character, which is unnamed for the duration of the movie, is played by “Rowdy” Roddy Piper. Roddy puts on a pair of glasses he obtains and suddenly sees the hidden messages behind advertising and entertainment. The “Obey” signage is where the who “Andre the Giant has a Posse” propaganda was inspired from. obeyThe example that sums it up best for the point I’m trying to make is when the billboard with the supermodel on it reveals the message “Marry and Reproduce”. It is important to separate science-fiction from reality, but I feel something a bit more plausible, yet eerily similar is going in the real world.

Sex is a natural urge for most, and some will argue that the pursuit of it cannot be programmed into somebody because such a strong urge must be natural. To that, the example of money is a counter. Mankind had gotten by to a certain point without the need for money, but over time it has become something treated like a strong urge. Does this mean that the pursuit of money is a natural urge? No way! The typical person’s life revolves around accumulating money, yet this is not natural. All behavior related to cash-getting is programmed into a person. If a total urge can be artificial, yet an integral part of a person’s identity, then a natural urge probably wouldn’t be protected from manipulation.

I feel that we have been and are being brainwashed. It’s not something many like admitting. It’s not a sinister plot against humanity, but merely misguided souls misunderstanding their purpose in life. It is foolish to believe the media taken in is not going to have some effect on an identity. Media, including blogs, are going to have an effect on the person consuming them. Garbage in, Garbage out.

This theory should mean bunches to us asexuals. There are several reasons why. With asexuals being such a diverse group, I don’t think one particular thing or another causes asexuality, but many may arrive at this point due to being desensitized from the oversexualized reality they are part of. There would also be many who were destined for asexuality but have been brainwashed into being a sexual person. I believe the number of asexuals this has happened to would be shockingly astronomical if figured out. Want to know something else? I have confidence that these victims of stealth marketing can be deprogrammed if they heard about the asexual community.

I know there are many out there in the community right now, some probably reading this blog, that have been deprogrammed from a sexual life to find their true selves. Up to the point of meeting someone who is ace or discovering a site like this, being asexual is no officially presented as an “option”. Now it’s official. It’s okay to be “A”. Identities are crucial to individuals. Look at how much effort is being put into reversing the effects on identity theft. Having one’s identity, even their asexuality, being hijacked from the beginning is a travesty that must be fought against. This is a call to action. Who’s with me?