Ace Amoeba has decided to do something different, as I feel the Asexual community is in a bubble. Sure, many of us are friendly in joining forces with the LGBT or LGBTQ community, which seems to be evolving into the LGBTQA community which is fabulous. But what about heterosexuals?

How interesting would it be to take a journey into the mind of a heterosexual, preferably a hypersexual one just to be extreme. Doing this would give the Asexual Community an excellent opportunity to learn more about themselves by means of comparison.

The purpose of this short blog is twofold. Firstly I am looking for a heterosexual to interview. I know some personally, however I’m not exactly out publicly as I don’t feel many would understand Asexuality and I myself don’t totally understand the subject to properly explain it as a whole at this point. So in the rare case that a heterosexual is reading this and would like to lend her or his time and brain to be analyzed it would be most welcome and appreciated. I cannot offer any payment at this point however. Contact me at

Also, I am looking for questions from members of the Asexual Community to help out and send questions to be asked in this interview, assuming it even happens. Please send them to the , as opposed to in the comments sections. The reason for this is I want the to ask the questions in a way that the heterosexual has no time to prepare an answer in order to procure an honest, off-the-cuff reaction . I thank you all in advance!